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Deeper Green Consulting is here to provide green building expertise to increase the confidence in a real estate transaction.  

Going beyond your typical home inspection, we test and verify how the home actually performs as an integrated system. 


We See Into Walls With infrared cameras

We test for radon and perform verifications to ensure a safe and comfortable living area.

Sellers can increase property values with a high performing home and reduced energy consumption.  Buyers will gain specific details on how a potential home will actually perform. 

Real Estate Services

Building Performance Assessments

Deeper Green Consulting is a leading provider of Building Performance Assessments in the mountain region. We are a certified assessment partner of Energy Smart Colorado, Xcel Energy, High Country Conservation Center, and Walking Mountains Science Center.

A Home Performance Assessment covers the entire home from foundation to roofing and everything in-between.  We test your mechanical systems, measure air leakage, evaluate your insulation, review appliances, and more.  Contact us today to find out if you are eligible for assessment rebates.

Assessments are highly recommended if you are representing a buyer.  We go beyond the typical home inspector that mainly looks at the surface of a building.  Deeper Green utilizes infrared cameras and other measurement devices to beyond the basics.  Ensure the home is performing or has typical issues with many mountain homes of air leakage and underperforming insulation.  If you are representing a seller it is also recommended if you are interested in representing the property with a third party verification of the home’s performance.  High rated homes can be listed for higher prices.

Radon Testing & Mitigation

Are you aware of the high levels of Radon commonly tested in Summit County homes? As Summit County's Certified Radon Testing company,  We are here to assist with your radon testing and mitigation needs. Radon is odorless, tasteless, & colorless. Without proper testing equipment, you will never know it is present in a house.

Deeper Green uses a digital testing monitor to record a continuous measurement during the entire testing time.  Unlike the simple self test kits, the digital monitor produces a real-time report showing the varying levels of radon being measured.  The report is automatically generated, so results can be provided to you the same day testing is completed. No more waiting for results.

Colorado is located in a high risk zone with Summit County being an area with the highest potential for Radon.  According to the EPA Radon is the second most frequent cause of lung cancer.

Insulation & Air Sealing

It’s time to recommend Deeper Green Consulting to your customers.  Many homes in our mountain community were not built to current building codes, especially for home performance.  It’s time to tight up the home and insulate right. The combination prevents drafts and cold air from infiltrating a home and maintains heated areas with far less energy. The most noticeable improvement is often an increased level of comfort in the home. 

Depending on the utility service provider there are often rebates and incentives available for increased home performance by air sealing and increasing insulation. Deeper Green knows how to improve your home and manage the rebate process so all you have to do is enjoy a more comfortable living space.

Building Performance Upgrades

Have you thought about doing upgrades to make your home more energy efficient? Not only can these retrofits improve your energy efficiency, they can also improve your home air quality, overall health and save you that hard earned cash.

Deeper Green Consulting is now offering a full service energy upgrade program. We'll work with you from beginning to end, showing you where your money can best be applied and ensuring the upgrades you make are done right.

Combine a Home Performance Assessment with your standard home inspection. Leverage the information with buying or selling the home. Increase confidence in the transaction for both parties.

Find out what green building elements are most important and why. Educate your buyers and sellers to deliver a better service for them.

For buyers we can help you find and verify a high performing home with green building elements.

Increase property value with a high performing home with testing and verificcation. We go beyond the surface with IR camera, blower door tests, and HERS ratings. We use numbers to validate building performance so you can list the property with confidence.

We are here to assist you in the listing, marketing, and selling of a sustainable home.

We offer education and training for real estate professionals. From lunch and learn sessions to accredited workshops we are here to assist you and your team in understanding more about trends in sustainable building practices.

Both buyers and sellers will benefit from our services.

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